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Proposed dumping date

May 31, 2015

Update April 1st, 2015 Received this pdf file today (04/01/2015) that the proposed dumping date as been shoved back to May 31, 2015


The province will send the remaining wastewater to LaFarge. Click here for more information on it.


May 31, 2015


Atalntic Industrial Services


Atalntic Industrial Services
680 MacElmon Road Nova Scotia Canada + Google Map
  • Neat

    So are they waiting until the new Windsor Sewer System is installed? That way NSE can order the ponds at Kennetcook be treated by AIS and also dumped into the Bay at Windsor.
    If this happens, we are doomed! Nothing will be safe in our bay.

  • I don’t know. I haven’t read anything that suggests this is the plan. If it is a plan, it’s been kept secret. But with the federal government handing over more and more responsibility to the provinces, I can’t imagine why they would have an interest in working with the town of Windsor and the provincial government to share the costs of the upgrades. Still I suppose the federal government does this at times…

    Perhaps it’s just the timing of the whole thing that raises a red flag on this issue, where there shouldn’t be one. But that wastewater over there, has to go somewhere.

  • gretchengretchen

    I wonder if anyone can speak to the impending release of wastewater into the bay of fundy via the cumberland county municipal sewage system? is it really still set for release on the 30thApril?

  • As it says at the top of this page the date was pushed back to May 31, 2015.

    They are giving the people who filed appeals, 5 minutes to state their case, but as seen at another meeting, if there is available time, and people who are offered the chance to speak don’t show up, it’s possible they may allow others to have a say. This is just a guess, based on what happened at a previous meeting.

    The meeting scheduled date, is May 21st and even if you aren’t going to get a chance to speak, it’s important to show a lot of support by having everyone who can attend, do so. That, in itself, will speak volumes.