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Summary of wastewater test results, treated hydraulic fracturing wastewater, AIS in Debert (January 30, 2014) click here

LaFarge Canada Inc. — Emission Testing Report Production and Fracking Water Final Report (PDF) click here

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The letters of appeal are in pdf format can can be viewed at the bottom of this page.
These appeals are on the Colchester County website.

Protecting the Watersheds and Estuaries of the Bay of Fundy: Issues, Science and Management. In this pd file on page 102, it has an overview of chemical contaminants in the Bay of Fundy.


Critical Toxins Present, But Will Not Be Tested For — This report was written by Ken Summers for Ecology Action Centre. It’s in pdf format and you can click here to download it. IN this report it says:

AIS has given assurances to Council of extensive testing of all hydraulic fracturing fluids before the company accepts them for treatment. But the evidence indicates that there was little or no testing of fluids that AIS brought from New Brunswick. Results of testing performed on the fluids in the Triangle Petroleum Kennetcook waste ponds have been secured and made publicly available through Freedom of Information. These analyses were made available to AIS, but are only for a very limited number of chemical compounds. AIS also received from Triangle the manifests for all the chemical compounds used in the hydraulic fracturing- but the amounts used are not given, and cannot be calculated.