Writers Wanted

Would you like to write for this website?Are you a writer? Would you like to add your voice to this website by writing articles on the topic of ‘saving the Bay of Fundy’? Of course they don’t necessarily have to be technical and there is a broad range of categories to choose from. The idea is to increase the article range and content to create more response, and gain greater visibility so more people become aware of what’s happening.

The Bay of Fundy is under more threats than just fracking wastewater. The amounts and type of fish coming up the bay are dwindling, pollution is increasing, the red tides are increasing, and climate change is bound to have an effect as well.

  • fracking in other places
  • fishing in the bay
  • childhood memories of the bay
  • living by the bay
  • hiking by the bay
  • weekend adventures
  • road trips
  • birds and the bay
  • legends of the bay
  • early history and settlers by the bay
  • beachcombing/ rock collections
  • camping by the bay
  • things to do along the bay
  • reviews of recent events
  • Photo gallery of N.S. and/or the Bay
  • plus, much, much more…

Yes… even photography. A love of Nova Scotia and the Fundy Bay can be shared via a camera lens, if you are a good photographer who isn’t interested in writing, but would like to contribute. Here is a quick image gallery below, where I share some pictures taken from my cottage along the bay.

There isn’t a whole lot to understanding on how to create new posts. For those of you who might not have any experience with WordPress, please watch the video below to see how easy it is to work with for new pages and posts.

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please click here to email me and let me know your username after registering on this site. I can adjust your status in your user login to make you an editor.

I’ve setup a topic in the forum where future ideas can be shared and generated. Please click here if you would like to discuss this in the forum.