READER’S CORNER: Liberal fisheries bill a total betrayal
New bill being introduced by the provincial Liberals bill is proposing that the public has no right to know about fish health from the provincial government because it believes this would be a breach of business confidentiality rights. We do have the right to know how an industry affects the health of our communities, our water and the food we eat.

New study shows radioactivity levels in stored wastewater can rise fivefold within 15 days and continue to rise for decades. Click here to read the articleClick here to download the study in pdf

Feds missing in fracking wastewater debate
While municipalities and the provinces have been the decision makers for these plans, the federal government also has jurisdiction in this matter as releasing contaminants to aquatic environments is regulated by the Fisheries Act. Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea and Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq have a responsibility to investigate and approve these proposals but have been largely missing from this debate.

Coal Bed Methane in Nova Scotia
Coalbed methane (CBM) is a non-renewable fossil fuel that is being developed in Nova Scotia as a source of natural gas. Coal bed methane extraction can cause severe consequences to the environment and public health. In 2014, the Nova Scotia government enacted legislation that prohibited hydraulic fracturing in shale deposits. Unfortunately, coalbed methane production, which is associated with many of the same risks and impacts as fracking, continues to be permitted in this province despite this ban.

Former UN Advisor issues scathing report on Harper's legacy on waterFormer UN Advisor issues scathing report on Harper’s legacy on water
Ottawa – The UN recognized last Sunday, March 22 as World Water Day, but a former UN advisor on water says that Canadians did not have much to celebrate this year.

Maude Barlow, former UN advisor on water and bestselling author, gives Stephen Harper’s government a failing grade in her report Blue Betrayal, launched by the Council of Canadians.

“The Harper government has put Canada’s freshwa­ter heritage at great risk. The values of greed driving the Harper government’s policies are not shared by the majority of Canadians who want our waterways protected by strong laws and who view water as an essential public service,” writes Barlow. Click here to read the rest….

Daily Fracking Buzz

Art MacKay of shares his daily collection of the Fracking Buzz. Click here to read them. These articles are updated, usually around mid-day.

Taxpayers on the hook for fracking cleanup

US Taxpayers on the hook....In one of the articles on this site, it offers several examples of how taxpayers are on the hook for cleaning up behind companies that damage the environment. This also happens in the United States. Please, read and SHARE this shocking report on how the Frackers poison the environment in your community and walk away to stick tax payers with hundreds of billions in clean-up costs.The current system “requires companies to post a bond to ensure environmental reclamation of abandoned well sites, but the size of the bond covers only a small fraction of the site reclamation costs. The economics favor default on well-plugging and site restoration obligations.” Click here to read this report.