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Robert Lattie is the founding father of the "Save The Bay Of Fundy" group.Robert Lattie (pictured left) is the father of this group.

AIS (Atlantic Industrial Services) had been approved (2013) to process fracking wastewater through the Debert sewer system after they bought what was in the holding ponds from Triangle Petroleum. Somewhere along the line the NSE learned about the NORMS (Normally Occurring Radioactive Material) in it, which changed everything, and required them to get approval for it from the Municipal Council. So there were 3 meetings setup to discuss the idea with the public.

From our input, they decided against it. Since that time, AIS has tried to peddle this stuff around, but no one wants it. It has come a full circle back to us. So this is why we have to say ‘no’ again.

Rob Lattie is very adamantly opposed to having fracking wastewater discharged into the bay. He made a very vocal and passionate speech about it at the first meeting. Since there weren’t any decisions made at the end of the first meeting, it was apparent that this issue was going to dog us for some time. So he created our Facebook group called “Save the Bay of Fundy” and started inviting like minded individuals to join the group and support this issue/cause. It snowballed, with close to 900 members now.

This isn’t a defacto group with any type of organized leadership. We joined this group to discuss relevant topics of common interest for people who want to keep our bay and shore from being exploited by those who would derive profit from it and ruin the livelihood of the fishermen and recreational users up and down the coast. The original group can be found here and some of us have branched off to support New Brunswick and Maine (the whole Bay of Fundy)… which is linked to the icon at the top of the page.

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Can We Save The Bay Of Fundy

Below are some posts from our Facebook group so you can see what is being discussed right now. The list below is updated every hour.

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