Below are some of the groups we support and follow.

Save The Bay Of Fundy
A Facebook group Robert Lattie started and maintains — for discussion of keeping the Bay free and clean.

East Hants Fracking Opposition Group
A group of concerned citizens opposing fracking in our beautiful county of East Hants and in Nova Scotia in general. We wish to raise awareness about this issue, provide education and work toward our province becoming a fracking free area.

We would like to see the waste water ponds in the Kennetcook area cleaned up and a permanent ban put on the Hydraulic Fracturing industry in Nova Scotia.

We want to see our environment saved from damage done by hydraulic fracturing. Provide education about the Hydraulic Fracturing industry. Provide support to other environmental and justice groups.

Save Our Bays
As early as this fall we could see the building of an industrial scale Salmon Fish farm next to Long Island.

The Proposed Site is for two 42 hectare sites that will have room for 2 million Salmon in total.

Two million Salmon produce the equivalent of the fecal matter produced by a city of 26000 people. Over 1800 metric tonnes annually. Discharged untreated into our coastal waterways.

This project has the potential to change our community forever. Become involved and have your say.

Moncton Anti-Fracking
Moncton citizens in support of a ban on shale gas fracking in New Brunswick. Moncton Anti-Fracking is a group dedicated to stopping shale extraction (“fracking”) in New Brunswick.