LaFarge Cement plant in Brookfield, Nova Scotia

Province sends remaining wastewater to LaFarge

LaFarge Cement plant in Brookfield, Nova ScotiaBigDog Radio in Truro reported today….

The Department of Environment has authorized the disposal of more treated hydraulic fracturing wastewater in the cement kiln at Lafarge in Brookfield.

The decision means the remaining 5.5 million litres of wastewater at Atlantic Industrial Services in Debert will be sent to the plant once it reopens later this month.

Following a successful pilot project last year, almost 9 million litres of wastewater has been evaporated at the plant.

It will be treated for naturally occurring radioactive materials, or NORMs, and put through reverse-osmosis before it’s evaporated in the kiln at 1,400 degrees.

The province says the treated wastewater meets Canadian Council of Environment Ministers and Health Canada guidelines for release into fresh water.

It will take about 190 truckloads to transfer the remaining treated water, with AIS moving 3 to 5 truckloads per day.