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Writers Wanted!
Started by Steve MacLellan 2 years ago
In the menu along the top, there is a new tab that says "Writers Wanted" -- there are several categories suggested on the page. The idea it to try and get a lot of content that appeals to a wider range of audience. The more articles we have; the more links we get in search engines -- and the louder our message gets. If everyone who does a search on Google (or any other search engine) on 'the bay of fundy', 'fracking' or 'nova scotia' and links to this website come up when they do a search, it's bound to get "under the skin" of politicians and draw attention to their incompetency.

This is exactly what we want. We want to be able to send a message that the PEOPLE will never agree to dumping toxic waste into our bay, and we will never be open to discussing fracking in this province.

If you know of any other categories we could include, resources, articles... this is the place to discuss it.

I wish I were able to do more... but there is only so much time in a day and unfortunately, I have to try and make a living too.
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